Do you remember that game when we were kids, the one in which you had to insert a colourful plastic piece in a cube using the hole that was just the same shape? One of those items to make us smarter, more agile and more creative. Some wouldn't dare to break the law and they would respect shape and hole: square goes in square, triangle goes in triangle. Others would show their true colours early enough and would insist in taking the round piece and smash it into any other (different) hole till they bored the whole room.

Shape, hole, going through it, fitting in a space, in a cube, in a society, with the shape you should have and respect. No bigger, no smaller, no thinner. Squeezing your way in insistingly, hitting hard, dieting harder, "why don't you get a surgery?", trying your best to find your space, being able to go through it. Having a size does not mean having a shape. Then there were those of us who wouldn't fit in any hole.

Photography and art direction
Andoni Beristain