We take those things that give us sense in life for granted. We think those who are our beacon, our guide, home and safe place, sofa and warm blanket nights will never leave us. You believe you’ll never miss a hug, some fun time watching those awful afternoon TV films, comfort food, good advice, and never-ending love. But, one day, they are gone. And everything changes. And missing becomes your day-to-day life.

Ángeles Isidora Zabalo passed away in 2022 after a life full of difficulties, fighting, smiles and humbleness, trying not to draw attention, insecurities, lots of work and a generosity bigger than all the oceans in the world. She gave when she had nothing and helped when no one helped her.

She left suddenly, without leaving a manual on how to get on without her behind. From her memory, her life, her courage and her tireless sense of humour, Pieza Madre is born, an exploration of the outside space, a need to fill a void, to tell a story, to honour a woman, using yellow, the bad luck colour, as a subject. These images are a way to explain that we cannot take anything or anyone for granted. That we have to celebrate what’s good, go through the hard times and remain still standing. Like Ángeles did.

Pieza Madre is a series of photographs and concepts created by her son, Andoni Beristain, whose hands, those that hold the camera, are identical to hers.

Photography and art direction: Andoni Beristain
Assistant: Tomás Beristain (Dad)